Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Concert - Kites & Crows

Join us for the first concert of the summer this Friday at 6pm. To kick off the 2010 concert series at Del Rio are local musicians Kites & Crows. Admission is $7.50 for the public and $5 for wine club members. Bring a blanket, chairs, food, and friends for a evening of great music and wonderful wine.

Here is more on Kites & Crows:

KITES & CROWS, is an indie folk trio by singer/songwriter Mysha Caruso. With the addition of multi-instrumentalist Jesse Baldwin and cellist Nancy Martin, they offer a lively delivery to the stories that the songs portray with lyrical imagery and emotion. Mysha Caruso attended the Walnut Hill School for the performing arts in Boston as a theatre major but his main focus was in vocal training with teachers from the New England Conservatory. He began to shift his focus to songwriting when he left Boston to travel. His solo troubadour style performance eventually led him to Ashland. The three musicians of Kites & Crows met at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival where Mysha works as a stagehand , Jesse is a lighting technician and Nancy works on house staff. The name kites & crows actually is inspired from the production of Coriolanus, where the recently banished battle hero is hiding out "...under the the city of kites and crows..."

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