Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A New Del Rio Adventure . . .

Dear Del Rio Wine Club Members;

2011 is here and we are ready for a great and exciting new year at Del Rio. Since establishing the winery in 2004, our grape production and sales have been diversified with the growth of our own Del Rio brand. This year marks our seventh year of producing premium Del Rio wines and the expansion of the brand has taken Del Rio across the nation in distribution. Del Rio wine can now be found in restaurants and wine shops in fifteen different states from Washington to New York.

In addition to our estate label, we have established a second label: Rock Point Wines. The name comes from Del Rio’s historical location, once known as Rock Point, a thriving community in the late 1800’s with a hotel, post office, and general store. People would come from all over the valley to attend balls and functions at the Rock Point Hotel. All that remains is the newly renovated Rock Point Bridge and the hotel, now home to the Del Rio Tasting Room.

The Rock Point Wines’ label was created in order to diversify our production levels in the vineyard and winery. These wines are of excellent quality, designed as drink now wines at a more affordable price. Their purpose is to complement our signature label highlighting the level of quality we produce in our Del Rio brand and generating a stable, less complex, yet very consumable wine. First bottled in 2008, Rock Point was intended to be sold through distribution outside of Oregon, and just as Del Rio has experienced growth, so has Rock Point Wines. We now produce four wines under the label: River Rock Red, River Rock White, Pinot Grigio, and Pinot Noir. Rock Point Wines can now be found in three Oregon Costco locations, and it is also available through our new online store.

The upcoming March Del Rio Wine Club order is marking a new adventure for both Del Rio and Rock Point; we are launching the Rock Point Case Club! The Case Club will be a new avenue for consumers to acquire Rock Point Wines. As Del Rio Wine Club members, we would like to give you a first look at the new Rock Point Case Club and provide you with a great offer. The Rock Point Case Club will include twelve bottles of wine shipped biannually in April and October. Each shipment will include three of each of the Rock Point Wines. As dual members of both clubs you will receive each order for only $75. Shipping costs are $25 for West of the Rockies and $35 for East of the Rockies. For AK and HI shipping please contact us. All orders will be shipped. We are striving to keep our tasting room solely for Del Rio wines.

We look forward to another great year and the initiation of the Rock Point Case Club. We hope that you will enjoy your extra special gift of River Rock Red.

~ Cheers!
Jolee & Rob Wallace

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