Friday, December 30, 2011

The Adventures of the White Merlot Continue

As the holidays have flown by, our White Merlot has had time to settle in. In early December we ended the fermentation process by placing the wine in the cold, inhibiting the yeasts from reproducing. Now the wine has been racked off the lees (the sediment created during fermentation) and sulfured. The wine created has a nice refreshing lightness and the sweet flavors enhance rather than overwhelm.  Next week we will rack one more time to increase the wine’s clarity in preparation for the next process, bottling.

But, before we can bottle we have one last order of business . . . we need a name for our wine! Please submit via a comment below, facebook or via email to your name selection. All entries will be due by next Wednesday January 4th.

We have secured a date for bottling . . . those who helped process the wine in November are welcomed back to the winery to help us bottle. Please join us on Saturday January 7th from 3-5pm in the winery to bottle and take home your very own bottle of White Merlot.